Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"Shalimar" Abstract Portrait Painting

This is actually an older work that I never posted. I did not know how I felt about this piece but I have lived with it for some time now and have grown to like it.  It is done in acrylic mostly using a palette knife.  I like the looseness of this painting.

I have worked on another piece over the past week that did not work out.  I became so tense working on it that when I hung it on my wall I did not even want to look at it.  That is not the feeling art should convey.  So I had to bite the bullet and put it in the reject pile.

Shalimar reminded me to enjoy the process.  Today I went to my studio and had fun working on another portrait.  The new piece is now on my wall and close to completion.  As I view it from my"coffee chair" it makes me smile. Now that's more like it.

Remember to enjoy the journey.

Peace to you!


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