Monday, June 27, 2016

"Purification" and the Faux Frame

These days I paint almost exclusively on gallery wrapped canvas.  I have a constant battle with myself about framing. Many paintings can hold there own without framing.  Sometimes though a frame can really accentuate the piece.  Frames can be heavy on the wall. I have 5 beautiful open back frames in my studio and a pack of traditional canvases but I have not yet used them.  Why this is I cannot say.  I just keep on buying gallery wrap canvas. I have made my own light weight wooden frames before with the help of You Tube videos.  I have also purchased frames for smaller canvases for exhibits.  Larger frames can become pricey.    Then a couple weeks ago I had an idea.  I knew that my next painting would be a figure done in oil on a 20x20x1.5 canvas.  I decided to experiment a little.  I sculpted the frame right on the canvas.  I used a mixture of joint compound and gel medium to add flexibility.  I then stenciled a design around the perimeter.  Once this dried I sanded, sealed, gessoed and taped the frame off.  I then went ahead with the oil painting.  Once the painting dried I removed the painters tape.  I painted the frame in acrylic using silver moss paint.  I painted the sides to match. I sealed that & then antiqued it with raw umber.  I was happy with how it turned out.  I think this is a good idea for odd shaped canvases.  It is at least another option!  Here is the finished piece.

Figurative oil painting by Donna Holdsworth

And here is a side view on the wall.

The piece is framed and still lightweight hanging in the wall with a small nail.  It could easily be wired for an exhibit.  Who knew:)

I hope you are enjoying your Summer!  Thanks for visiting my blog.

Peace to you!


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