Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Eerian I "Spirit Seeker" Oil Painting

Since my last commission I have returned my focus to faces and figures.  I am still working with oil paint.  I started one painting about a month ago that I finally gave up on.  I hate to dub a painting failed but this was one of those works that just would not work.  I did get a lot of practice with the oil paint on it though.  I have worked with acrylic almost exclusively and find myself thinking "if this were acrylic paint I would do this!"  Unfortunately the same rules do not apply with oil.  Still, I am loving the oils more and more as I get used to them.

Here is my newest painting.  I used oil and some gold metal leaf collage.  I tried to focus on contrast with lights and darks. It is not completely dry yet but it is my new favorite and I love it on the wall!
figurative oil painting by Donna Holdsworth

Spring has finally arrived and everything is coming back to life!  What a wonderful feeling.  I leave you with another photo of Lake Erie. Lots of sunlight dancing on the water. I edited it Picasa.
Peace from the North coast of America!
Until the next time....


  1. I know how you feel, loving the oils with cold wax but it's a huge learning curve. Love how this turned out, would be even more impressive in person!

    1. Thanks Bren. I guess we just have to keep on practicing:)

  2. I can see why you like it - I do too. Very powerful image but so peaceful - may I say almost spiritual, at the same time.
    Yes - oil paints are very special.

  3. Thanks Julie. I am just learning to use mediums/fat over lean etc. I probably could have added cold wax or impasto medium to the dress. I used straight oil paint there. Your works are beautiful. Your fracturing is stunning!! Thanks for visiting!