Friday, April 29, 2016

Eerian II "Matrix" Painting with oil

I am still painting with oil and trying to get the hang of using mediums.  I made a lean medium using tupenoid natural citrus mixed with linseed oil.  I try to fatten it up by adding more oil as the layers progress.  This painting had an uneven finish on the background which I had to "oil in".  It worked and I would like to add cold wax as my final finish.  If the painting is dry to touch can I add the wax?  Any input from oil painters out there would be much appreciated.

I am painting this series of "Eerians" hoping to focus on the contrast of the light and dark sides of humanity.  So far the Eerians are challenging  me as an artist which is good. They are my interpretation of our mortal selves connecting with the spiritual.  They are easy for me to get lost in.  

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Util the next time....

Peace to you!



  1. Greetings from Thailand, it's almost 5am here. Try this if you will...Steam distilled turpentine from E-Z Zimmerman Co. Sold in better paint stores(it is near 100% pure). Boiled linseed oil, Japan driers and beeswax. Mix equal parts of turps and linseed oil. Now, chop a small amount of beeswax, you can melt it first or let the turps dissolve it. You want the consistency to be that of a loose paste. The beeswax does this. The Japan driers can be added now or later as you are painting. I just dip a small palette knife in the bottle and use a few drops. Without a visual demonstration, this is the best I can do. Keep in mind that because of the driers, this medium dries in 1/3 the time that paint would without both of the beeswax and driers. I use this in all of my glazing work. The depth is remarkable. E-mail >< Should you have any questions...or my F/B page; teddyflyfisherdavis. Be well...

    1. Thank you so much Ted! That sounds like it would be worth a try. I already have the beeswax! I appreciate your input.

  2. I have not seen your painting before. They are lovely.