Friday, February 5, 2016

"The Song Writers" Encaustic/Mixed Media Portrait Painting

I am still using my beeswax and encaustic paints.  I started this painting with papers that I painted with India ink for collage.  I collaged them to the beeswax treated panel.  I drew the figures with charcoal on paper and collaged them next.  After more fusing and encaustic paint I added more beeswax for texture.  I finished off with my oil sticks.  I did not use reference photos but I think it gives the song writers a more whimsical look.  Also, I think I could have drawn them on the wood panel prior to the initial layer of beeswax and saved a collage step.  I am working on a new piece that I drew first and it worked fine. (so far:)  Here is the finished encaustic mixed media portrait.


Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for visiting my blog.




  1. Donna, this is fantastic. The figures have mystery because of the darkened eyes. Leaving out detail leaves plenty of room for questioning and I really like that. The colors are moody and I love the details in the woman's clothing. Are the flowers etched in? I see the wonderful colors from your oil sticks.

    I did not know it was possible to get anything to stick to beeswax. Did you use gel medium? I have used beeswax before and loved it, but could not find any other use for it other that covering a finished piece, but obviously I was wrong about that!

    Beautiful work!

    1. Thanks Lisa!

      I painted the paper first with India ink. I drew the flowers with metallic Pitt pen. Then I dipped it into the beeswax & quickly applied it to the panel. Then I used the heat gun to fuse it. It takes a bit of practice but it sticks really well. You cannot use acrylic because the wax will not stick.