Thursday, January 14, 2016

"Sylvia" Mixed Media Portrait Painting

Here is the third of my paintings done on the 12x12x1 cradled wood panels.  It is a mixed media portrait painting.  I used acid free paper and thin acrylic washes.  I then over painted it using oil paint, oil sticks and cold wax.  The oil sticks are new for me and so far I just LOVE them!!  It is like coloring for old people.  They blend easily and dry quickly too.  I did not use any brushes with the oil so there was easy clean up. Since I covered the under painting with oil I was able to add the cold wax on later layers.  She reminds me of Helena Bonham-Carter but I did not use her as a reference photo.  We are huge Helena fans here so maybe it just came through in the painting.  Anyway, I decided to name her Sylvia.

I created a page on my website for these smaller works.  Because they are so small I am able to sell them at a pretty good price.

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oil and cold wax portrait painting by Donna HoldsworthSOLD




  1. Donna, she is amazing. Her face is so lovely and the colors are just gorgeous. I love the paint sticks too. They are great for cheek color!

    These last three portraits are beautiful. Don't you love working on square boards? I love squares and I love boards too.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks Lisa. I do love working on the square boards too. I have been trying a few different techniques and mediums with my faces & figures and am liking them so far.