Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"Simone" Encaustic And Oil Portrait Painting

I am still mixing up the media in my portrait works.  I had beeswax and damar resin in a box in my studio and decided to get it out and use it.  My experience with encaustic  painting is minimal.  I had  done a couple of pieces a few years back and decided to give it another go. So I googled Egyptian encaustic portraits (which are amazing to me), watched a few refresher videos on You Tube and was ready to go.

 I once again used a 12x12x1 cradled wood panel..(yes I went and bought more;)  I first put down a layer of my beeswax/resin encaustic mixture.  My beeswax was yellow but you can also buy white.  Next I collaged a few different papers with the melted wax.  I drew the face with India ink but that got covered with my oil sticks.  I kept working on the piece and eventually all the collage got covered up. I used wax to give her long blonde hair but it looked way too heavy.  I got brave and scraped back the wax.  This was scarey at first but I'm glad I did it.  It lightened up her neck and also revealed some of the initial collage which I turned into a hat.   Lastly I fused the top layer carefully.  I wanted to make sure the oil stick work fused to the wax without distorting my painting.  It seemed to work well.  I used my heat gun on high but only skimmed it over the surface. The wax gives it a beautiful satin sheen which I love.

And there you have it.  The birth of Simone!

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  1. You are right...if you google Egyptian encaustic portraits the results are inspiring as is your beautiful work here. Thank you for sharing about your process. The texture is just so beautifully done. You always achieve gorgeous texture in all your work no matter the medium.

    1. Thanks Lisa. It is really easy to go overboard with the wax though. I guess it just takes practice like everything else:)

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