Monday, December 14, 2015

"Where's Johnny" Collage Figure Painting

This collage painting was done in much the same way as my previous post but in a smaller format.  I used a 12x12x1 cradled wood panel from Pat Catans.  I bought 4 of them last month and this is the first one that I finished.  I initially applied a piece of tooling foil that I embossed to the panel.  In the end most of it got painted over except for the copper stripes at the top. The rest is acrylic and painted papers.  The sitting figure was modeled after a photo of Johnny Depp....  hence the title.


 I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful Advent season. Our weather  has been unseasonably warm here.  I enjoyed the weekend with a friend from my childhood.  We have remained friends all these years and she is a treasure to me.  We walked  down to the lake yesterday & sat there like it was May!  I guess we are in for the Winter blast this weekend but we cannot complain.  It could have been here 6 weeks ago already!

Until the next time, happy painting!

Peace to you!


  1. Hi Donna! I love this piece...the mystery of the standing figure and the pose of the seated one. Love that you used an image of Johnny D (love him) too! Have you ever seen him in What's Eating Gilbert Grape? Great movie!

    Glad you got to spend time with a cherished friend at Christmas time. Merry Christmas Donna!

    1. Thanks Lisa. Merry Christmas to you too! He was great in Gilbert Grape & so was Leo :)