Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Meraki" Abstract Painting

I guess I'm moving into the abstract groove.  This is another piece done on the 12x12 cradled wood panel. I found the above definition on Facebook a while back and wanted to use it for the title of an abstract painting. Well, this painting fit the bill for me and won the title. I do not plan my abstract paintings in advance.  I might add a base layer of texture but then I just go with it. I try to have a composition in mind but even that changes sometimes.  I also change the color scheme.  This is not always good on the supply budget. I added the circle and the textured area at the bottom last night in one of those just do it moments. I used lots of texture medium and glazes.  I like where this painting ended up. It has a calming Zen like quality.  I will add it to my website for purchase.  Artists, embrace that meraki!  Thanks for visiting my blog!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Blood On The Moon"

Last week I went to Pat Catans.  I had planned to buy some canvases because I am in the mood to paint abstract and they have 17x17x1.5 gallery wrapped that I have not found in other stores.  They are good canvases and reasonable in price too.  I have a few 24x24 here begging for paint, but I didn't want to go that big.  Well, horror of horrors, they were all out of my canvases!!!  I was disappointed but just figured I'd go home and use what I had.  I grabbed a few tubes of paint.  On my way out I stumbled upon some cradled wood panels.  I have painted on wood before but never cradled panels.  Well, I ended up buying six of the 12x12x1 inch panels.  They were a little smaller than what I had hoped for but once I got them home I fell in love with them.  They are so sturdy for all my texture and layers!  I textured all six of them with different products.  This is the first one that I painted.

This piece is textured with gesso and collage.  I added some glass shards above the blue area which are beautiful when the light hits them.  The "moon" is copper leaf.  I still need to add gloss medium and paint the sides.  Available for purchase on my website.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend and thanks for visiting my blog!

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Paintings are so much like people.  This one is so minimal on the surface until you get closer.  That is when so many little things are revealed.  Textures, collage bits, shapes, brush strokes, scratches and splashes.  Acrylic paint in crimson, cad yellow, ultramarine blue, burnt umber, turquoise plus black and white.  All this is going on in this 18x24 inch canvas yet it comes across as very minimalist.  There is always much more going on beneath the surface.  Some things become obvious if we only stop to take a closer look.  Some things are only known to the creator and will remain hidden in the layers below forever.  I think as artists a small piece of our souls gets embedded into our work.  That's the passion of creation.  That's the passion of art.  Peace to you and thanks for visiting my blog!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Garden Angel" Re-worked

My Garden Angel painting.  I liked the colors but after a month I just did not like the faces.  I just felt the features looked to big and could not get used to them. The girl in the white also had a wrinkle on her neck that bugged me. I figured I would not show this painting as is so I might as well try to rework it.  I got brave and toned both faces with the under painting color.  I then drew them in graphite.  I highlighted the drawing with India ink and then painted with acrylic.  It was necessary to add more collage to their hats.  I also turned the girl in pink and gave her an obi.  I highlighted a few more places with India ink to add a little more contrast.  I think they are prettier now and will show them when the time comes.  Glad I took the plunge on this one.  I put this painting back on my website.  Thank you for visiting my blog!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Purple Flower" Portrait Paintings, Distraction And Hanging In There....

Does art ever drive you to distraction?  Do you ever lay awake at night trying to pray but art thoughts weave their way in to distract you?  Sometimes I think art is a double edged sword.  It can be an emotional outlet when life overwhelms.  It can be just relaxing and fun.  I paint because I love to paint.  Sometimes though I get tired of living and breathing art.  I tell myself no more.  I'll go along on my merry way for a day or two but then, artaholic that I am, I need my fix and the cycle starts again.  Is this normal for all artists or do I have adult ADD?  Is it a side effect of my epilepsy?  I know I become distracted and I change focus quite a bit.  I change my mind a lot. How do artists stay so focused on just one subject?  I am a disciplined person in life, but when it comes to art I have a problem.  Right now I covered the faces on a recent painting because I decided I did not like them.  I am also reworking a recent abstract that I published.  It has been hanging in my studio space for about a month and I'm not loving it so it got collaged yesterday.  I am trying to stay focused on the figure but it is hard for me.  I have been painting for almost 4 years now.  Why does my art collection contain figures and florals and landscapes and abstracts?  They are all mixed media but I don't want to fall into the jack of all trades category.  This is where I am at right now.  This is the blog post I wasn't going to write.  A victim of circumstance?  Time to turn the page.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

"Asia" Mixed Media Floral Painting

I was in the mood to paint flowers today.  I guess I am welcoming Spring!  I used acrylic and India ink in the under painting but that is just about covered up with more acrylic and collage.  Anyhow, after many layers this is where I ended up.  I started this painting with Hydrangeas.  Funny how paintings sometimes have a mind of their own.  Once again my brain steered me in another direction.  I think changing coarse is just part of my creative process. The background went through multiple transitions until I did the teal/turquoise wash.  I liked the color but not with the hydrangeas.  At this point I thought the "cherry blossoms" had more contrast.  I like the abstract look of the piece.  It is done on 11x14 140 lb. Watercolor paper. I need to update my website to add some off these works on paper.  Happy Spring everybody and thanks for visiting my blog!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Nirvana (In E Minor)" Figurative Collage Painting

This figurative collage painting is done in the same way as my last two pieces.  I started with a crazy under painting that I toned down.  I then sketched the figures again in graphite prior to painting them.  This one was done horizontally.  I think the figures are beginning to blend well into the work. I try to have a plan prior to painting but I just never seem to stick to it.  The painting just evolves as it wants to. I used acrylic and India ink with some texture medium and collage.  Available for purchase on My Website!  Not too much exciting happening on the personal level.  The house hunting continues, the lake is still frozen, the moon was beautiful this morning and today the sun is shining.  Things are even and life is good.  Hope everyone had a Happy St. Patrick's Day yesterday.  Until the next time.......