Tuesday, September 25, 2018

"Dream Coat 1"

I have been away from my blog for almost a year.  I feel like reconnecting with the art world out there.  I will once again begin to share my work here and I hope you will stop in for a visit now and again. I have missed visiting other blogs as well. I have continued to paint since I was last here. I still hop around between subject matter but always seem to gravitate back to portraits.  I did this portrait a few months back.  It is done in acrylic.  I also used composition gold leaf and a pinch of gold glitter.  This is the 3rd time I have painted Joseph in his dreamcoat.

Until the next time........
Peace to you!


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Higher Realms I "Setinel's Hour"

Working in mixed media with lots of wonderful texture!  Here is an angel that I created.  We often forget that we have a guardian angel assigned to each of us. I enjoyed painting this angel so much that I decided to paint a small series of them.  May the Holy angels watch over all who read this.
Peace to you!


Sunday, October 15, 2017

"Just Being" Mixed Media Painting By Donna Holdsworth

Hello!  I continue with this post on my working figures with a background.  I used the image of the girl from a site on the web offering free images.  I liked the drape of her dress.  The original dress was white which I loved but I decided to go daring and instead opted for red.  Red is not a comfortable color for me and although I feel it really pops in this painting I still have mixed feelings on it.

I painted the figure after an initial graphite sketch on a toned canvas.  I used only acrylic for this stage.  I then added the woods also in various layers of acrylic.  Once I was satisfied I added highlights and deepened shadows.  I finished with a few glazes in oil on the dress.  I also used oil paint for highlighting the moss.

The colors were inspired by beautiful Northeastern autumn.

Life is short.  Remember true beauty is in the little things.  Take a deep breath and embrace just being! Peace to you!