Monday, July 11, 2016

Painting "London"

I don't know about you but when I paint faces or figures I like to have a reference photo.  I usually use my own photos but I found an image on line that I saved to my computer.  I love shadow and light and this photographer is a master at capturing it.  I painted this portrait using the reference photo with intentions of abstracting it to really make it my own.  I love this painting but even with my changes I think it looked a bit too much like the photographers work.  I even taped the photo next to the painting on my wall to observe it from my coffee chair.  My daughters confirmed that the two pieces side by side were very similar but mine looked more like Robbie Kay. (It's not him:)  I could not in good conscience claim the image as my own.  What to do?

After some deliberation I e-mailed the photographer to get his permission to use the image.  He got back to me almost immediately with his blessings to use the photo. The photographer is Seth London and his work is so artistic and beautiful.  I encourage everyone to check out his images when you can.  Thank you Seth London!  I named this piece after you!

oil on 12 x 12 x 1 wood panel

Until the next time...


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"Shalimar" Abstract Portrait Painting

This is actually an older work that I never posted. I did not know how I felt about this piece but I have lived with it for some time now and have grown to like it.  It is done in acrylic mostly using a palette knife.  I like the looseness of this painting.

I have worked on another piece over the past week that did not work out.  I became so tense working on it that when I hung it on my wall I did not even want to look at it.  That is not the feeling art should convey.  So I had to bite the bullet and put it in the reject pile.

Shalimar reminded me to enjoy the process.  Today I went to my studio and had fun working on another portrait.  The new piece is now on my wall and close to completion.  As I view it from my"coffee chair" it makes me smile. Now that's more like it.

Remember to enjoy the journey.

Peace to you!


Monday, June 27, 2016

"Purification" and the Faux Frame

These days I paint almost exclusively on gallery wrapped canvas.  I have a constant battle with myself about framing. Many paintings can hold there own without framing.  Sometimes though a frame can really accentuate the piece.  Frames can be heavy on the wall. I have 5 beautiful open back frames in my studio and a pack of traditional canvases but I have not yet used them.  Why this is I cannot say.  I just keep on buying gallery wrap canvas. I have made my own light weight wooden frames before with the help of You Tube videos.  I have also purchased frames for smaller canvases for exhibits.  Larger frames can become pricey.    Then a couple weeks ago I had an idea.  I knew that my next painting would be a figure done in oil on a 20x20x1.5 canvas.  I decided to experiment a little.  I sculpted the frame right on the canvas.  I used a mixture of joint compound and gel medium to add flexibility.  I then stenciled a design around the perimeter.  Once this dried I sanded, sealed, gessoed and taped the frame off.  I then went ahead with the oil painting.  Once the painting dried I removed the painters tape.  I painted the frame in acrylic using silver moss paint.  I painted the sides to match. I sealed that & then antiqued it with raw umber.  I was happy with how it turned out.  I think this is a good idea for odd shaped canvases.  It is at least another option!  Here is the finished piece.

And here is a side view on the wall.

The piece is framed and still lightweight hanging in the wall with a small nail.  It could easily be wired for an exhibit.  Who knew:)

I hope you are enjoying your Summer!  Thanks for visiting my blog.

Peace to you!