Friday, April 29, 2016

Eerian II "Matrix" Painting with oil

I am still painting with oil and trying to get the hang of using mediums.  I made a lean medium using tupenoid natural citrus mixed with linseed oil.  I try to fatten it up by adding more oil as the layers progress.  This painting had an uneven finish on the background which I had to "oil in".  It worked and I would like to add cold wax as my final finish.  If the painting is dry to touch can I add the wax?  Any input from oil painters out there would be much appreciated.

I am painting this series of "Eerians" hoping to focus on the contrast of the light and dark sides of humanity.  So far the Eerians are challenging  me as an artist which is good. They are my interpretation of our mortal selves connecting with the spiritual.  They are easy for me to get lost in.  

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Util the next time....

Peace to you!


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spirit Seeker Oil Painting

Since my last commission I have returned my focus to faces and figures.  I am still working with oil paint.  I started one painting about a month ago that I finally gave up on.  I hate to dub a painting failed but this was one of those works that just would not work.  I did get a lot of practice with the oil paint on it though.  I have worked with acrylic almost exclusively and find myself thinking "if this were acrylic paint I would do this!"  Unfortunately the same rules do not apply with oil.  Still, I am loving the oils more and more as I get used to them.

Here is my newest painting.  I used oil and some gold metal leaf collage.  I tried to focus on contrast with lights and darks. It is not completely dry yet but it is my new favorite and I love it on the wall!

Spring has finally arrived and everything is coming back to life!  What a wonderful feeling.  I leave you with another photo of Lake Erie. Lots of sunlight dancing on the water. I edited it Picasa.
Peace from the North coast of America!
Until the next time....

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Commission Painting and Easter

While skipping along on my small works path I was contacted by a collector in regards to a commission.  Other than works done for family this was my first real commission and I have to say it ended up being a wonderful experience.  This is also the largest piece I have ever done.  I constructed a 40 x 40 x 2 birch wood panel (with help from the Home Depot boys for the table saw work).  It made a nice sturdy support for the work.  The collector was so helpful with design, examples, colors etc.  Between all of us the piece just came together very well.  It was wonderful to sculpt a tree again!
The painting made it to it's new home yesterday and I breathed a sigh of relief that it arrived safely.
Here is the finished painting:

A big thank you to the "O" family for this wonderful opportunity!

Other news of sales, "Sylvia" has found a new home with a collector in CA.  I do not get much of a chance to travel.  It is nice that I get to travel in spirit via my art;)

I want to wish everyone and your families a Blessed Easter!  May the spirit of love and peace fill your souls!

Until the next time....