Sunday, December 7, 2014

"Post Atomic" Abstract Landscape Painting 24x24x1.5

I have moved twice in a little over a year.  I just love my new home.  My studio is still half put together though and, having taken such a break from painting, my art feels a bit misplaced.  Post Atomic is the newest piece and this painting went full circle.  It was a challenge to paint and I changed directions so many times I lost count.  I turned it multiple times during the course of work.  After many mixed media and collage layers I gave it another turn and began to see a landscape forming.  I went with what the painting dictated.  I have the urge to squeeze some paint across it somewhere but another voice tells me it is done.  I had a war with myself during the process of this piece that I don't quite understand.  I read a quote that I can appreciate:

"Every time I've moved, my work has changed radically." Robert Rauschenburg

Maybe it's the whole being a product of our environment thing.  It is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.  I guess I just have to work my way back into the groove.  Tell the left brain to relax and let the right brain have its fun!  On with the show! Until the next time......