Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Higher Realms I "Setinel's Hour"

Working in mixed media with lots of wonderful texture!  Here is an angel that I created.  We often forget that we have a guardian angel assigned to each of us. I enjoyed painting this angel so much that I decided to paint a small series of them.  May the Holy angels watch over all who read this.
mixed media angel painting by Donna Holdsworth
Peace to you!


Sunday, October 15, 2017

"Just Being" Mixed Media Painting By Donna Holdsworth

Hello!  I continue with this post on my working figures with a background.  I used the image of the girl from a site on the web offering free images.  I liked the drape of her dress.  The original dress was white which I loved but I decided to go daring and instead opted for red.  Red is not a comfortable color for me and although I feel it really pops in this painting I still have mixed feelings on it. 

I painted the figure after an initial graphite sketch on a toned canvas.  I used only acrylic for this stage.  I then added the woods also in various layers of acrylic.  Once I was satisfied I added highlights and deepened shadows.  I finished with a few glazes in oil on the dress.  I also used oil paint for highlighting the moss.

The colors were inspired by beautiful Northeastern autumn.

Life is short.  Remember true beauty is in the little things.  Take a deep breath and embrace just being! Peace to you!


Monday, August 28, 2017

"Stillness" A Portrait In Oil

I have not used my oil paints for a while and decided to get them out and use them.  This painting was started on a black gessoed canvas.  I did not work from a sketch this time but just dove right in to the painting.  If I would have sketched this piece I think I may have painted the girl one size smaller.  There were quite a few layers involved here and I tried to keep the background abstract. I used many glazes. The final one was more opaque to give it a hazy feeling and add to the Sfumato effect I was trying to achieve. Here is the finished painting:

My daughter and I walk quite a bit.  I took the camera with me to one of my favorite spots near my house.  You can walk through the woods yet end up on the beach.  I have to admit my inner beach bum has really reappeared this Summer. It is so beautiful to sit by the water I swear you can feel it in your soul!  This painting was inspired by this photo of my youngest daughter in the wooded area.

May God's stillness and peace be with you always.  Prayers to those suffering in Texas.

Until the next time....