Friday, February 5, 2016

"The Song Writers" Encaustic/Mixed Media Portrait Painting

I am still using my beeswax and encaustic paints.  I started this painting with papers that I painted with India ink for collage.  I collaged them to the beeswax treated panel.  I drew the figures with charcoal on paper and collaged them next.  After more fusing and encaustic paint I added more beeswax for texture.  I finished off with my oil sticks.  I did not use reference photos but I think it gives the song writers a more whimsical look.  Also, I think I could have drawn them on the wood panel prior to the initial layer of beeswax and saved a collage step.  I am working on a new piece that I drew first and it worked fine. (so far:)  Here is the finished encaustic mixed media portrait.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"Simone" Encaustic And Oil Portrait Painting

I am still mixing up the media in my portrait works.  I had beeswax and damar resin in a box in my studio and decided to get it out and use it.  My experience with encaustic  painting is minimal.  I had  done a couple of pieces a few years back and decided to give it another go. So I googled Egyptian encaustic portraits (which are amazing to me), watched a few refresher videos on You Tube and was ready to go.

 I once again used a 12x12x1 cradled wood panel..(yes I went and bought more;)  I first put down a layer of my beeswax/resin encaustic mixture.  My beeswax was yellow but you can also buy white.  Next I collaged a few different papers with the melted wax.  I drew the face with India ink but that got covered with my oil sticks.  I kept working on the piece and eventually all the collage got covered up. I used wax to give her long blonde hair but it looked way too heavy.  I got brave and scraped back the wax.  This was scarey at first but I'm glad I did it.  It lightened up her neck and also revealed some of the initial collage which I turned into a hat.   Lastly I fused the top layer carefully.  I wanted to make sure the oil stick work fused to the wax without distorting my painting.  It seemed to work well.  I used my heat gun on high but only skimmed it over the surface. The wax gives it a beautiful satin sheen which I love.

And there you have it.  The birth of Simone!

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Peace to you!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

"Maude" Mixed Media Portrait Painting

Two posts in the same week!  I have come to the last of my 12x12 wood panels.  I will definitely be  stopping at Pat Catans to buy more.  I have become used to working bigger but these smaller works are a nice addition too.

I looked up the actress Maude Fealy in the public domain.  What timeless beauty she has.  Her face was used as a reference for this painting.  I tried to keep it vintage looking. I have continued to mix new media (for me) and am really getting wonderfully lost in these works.  My mind keeps turning with ideas which is a good thing.  I paint in my mind before I go to sleep.  I do the same when I get up. The time spent in my studio is one of life's treasures to me. Are all artists so obsessed?  I would venture to say yes.

Enjoy that manic creativity!

Until the next time....

Peace to you!